Cape Eland Hunting is a must for a Trophy Hunter

Pick up the early morning tracks of an Eland bull or slog it out after a moving herd. A monster bull in the mix. Maintain your pace to keep up with the herd or leopard crawl into position for a shot on this huge framed animal, the largest antelope in South Africa.

Cape Eland Hunting in South AfricaThere are no seasonal restrictions on hunting Cape Eland in South Africa, which makes it a suitable trophy year-round.

This Eland often has thick, ox-like necks, humps, and dewlaps similar to that of a Brahman bull.

In most cases, the walk and stalk or spot and stalk hunting Cape Eland methods work best, as it will be more likely to bring you within relatively close range, especially in thick cover. Hunting blinds also offer a potentially good option for successful eland hunts.

The Cape Eland is the largest Southern African antelope. It is also the largest antelope with spiraled horns.

book a Cape Eland Hunting Trip Fast Facts of the Cape Eland

  • Description: The eland is one of the largest antelopes. It has fawn coloring and long black spiral horns on both males and female.
  • Size: Approximately 1.36 to 1.8 m (4.5 to 6 ft.)
  • Weight: Male: 400 to 1000 kg (880 to 2200 lbs.)
  • Female: 136.4 to 272.7 kg (300 to 600 lbs.)
  • Diet: Herbivore: includes leaves and fruit
  • Incubation: Gestation lasts approximately 8 to 9 months; one offspring is born at a time

More Facts about a Cape Eland

  • The word “eland” originates from the Dutch for elk.
  • The eland is the largest African bovid, but the slowest antelope. It can only run about 40 kph (25 mph), but it can jump 3 m (10 ft.) from a standing start.
  • It shares characteristics with the ox such as a thick neck and Brahman Bull-like dewlap (especially in males)
  • They are great jumpers, despite their huge size, and can clear a two-metre fence with ease.

Common Eland information here

Hunting Cape Eland in South Africa – Browse our Trophy Hunting Photo Gallery

hunting cape eland with a guide near Cape Town

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