Great Areas near Cape Town for your Hunting Trip in South Africa

Hunting area in South Africa

South African Hunting Safaris and packages from Cape Town and surrounding areas form the core focus of our hunting areas.

The hunting Area in the Western Cape

is one of the most biodiverse areas in South Africa. Mountains, wetlands, grasslands and Karoo make up just some of these areas.

Our map indicates your potential hunting area, and its close proximity to Cape Town and Cape Town International Airport make it very accessible.

You have access to 150,000 acres of privately owned farmland and reserves.

Kudu and Oryx are found both on the West Coast, a mere hour or so from Cape Town and the Little Karoo, both animals favouring the more arid areas. The little Karoo is one of our further destinations and is about 5 hours travel by vehicle from Cape Town. There is, however, a landing strip on the area if you prefer a quick flight in a charter plane!

The elusive Vaal Rhebuck is found in the heart of the Overberg where we focus our hunts. This area is about an hour and a half from Cape Town International Airport

The best hunting period is during the winter months of June, July and August. Although we do hunt throughout the year.

Cape Town and its surroundings are a winter rainfall hunting area and the Overberg has a mild Mediterranean climate. Ideal for long cool walks.